Sonntag, Januar 05, 2003

Arrrggghhhh! Still haven't received my password. What is taking so long? All I want to do is log on and see what the website really has to offer, besides the fact that I want to be a member already! Sheesh! I don't think e-mailing a password should take a whole day! I hope it comes soon, I'm bored out of my mind at this moment in time. Oh well, I guess I shouldn't get upset, I mean it could be worse, in several different ways, which I won't go into a rant which would take up at least a page if not more. Waste of time that could be spent doing something better. Maybe I'll do some stretching... that usually calms me down... or I could get a massage...Mmmm... good.. yea that's what I could do. No wait, I can't because it's too late at night. NOOOOoooo!!!!!! I guess stretching is what I'll have to do..... I hope no one else is as stressed as I am. Gotta go! Maybe next time I update, I will have received my password!
Today I signed up with I have yet to receive my password though.I hope to find others with my interests, but I think it will be hard to do that. I do not think very many people share my interests.Although I admire all religions that worship the earth or nature, the two that have really stood out to me are Paganism and Wicca. Even though I have not yet read about Paganism I feel Wicca is the one for me. If I find I prefer Paganism over Wicca when I learn more about it I may take that path. I have not declared which I have chosen for I do not know which I shall choose. Hopefully I can choose the right one for me. I hope my password comes soon... I'll probably change it to make it easier to remember! Well if nothing else happens today, hopefully something happens tomorrow (something good, hate for it to be bad). Unfortunately I have to go back to school Tuesday. I guess it s better than tomorrow!

Samstag, Januar 04, 2003

A few minutes ago at a local Wal-Mart Supercenter I was asked to show an employee my receipt. Now this wouldn't have upsetted me if he had asked the lady behind my sister and I but he didn't. I don't find that fair; who's to say we stole something and she didn't. It's like African-Americans or others to be checked but others not. If this country really does consider everyone equal, shouldn't stores check everyone intsead of certain people? Just a thought. Maybe I overreacted but I don't think so. I think everyone should be treated equally no matter what the situation. If there is anyone who disagrees with me fine. But, I will defend what I think is right, even to the bitter end!
Today I started a new Chapter in the Book "Simple Wicca" A book which explains Wiccan Beliefs. I hae learned much so far. I am thinking of converting to Wicca. Unlike what many people think, Wicca is not a practice involving "Dark Magic" or worshipping the Devil. It is a religion which celebrates the Earth and it's Seasons. Things that are GOOD, NOT BAD. I hope to inform others so there won't be as many people who look down upon Wicca or Wiccans. Along with Pagans. They are NOT bad people, they are good people they only want to help others not put curses on them. But oh well. I can't change everyone's thoughts but at least I can try!