Samstag, Januar 11, 2003

Today I had my perm redone tighter... so it should hold longer!Yay! Friday we started a power point presentation in tech lit on our birthdays. It's about what happened on our birthdays.. not necessarily the year and day but just the day. Not much interesting happened on my birthday though, so my presentation will be boring. I started chapter nine in Simple Wicca. So far the book has really helped me understand what Wicca is all about. Although I don't think I'll practice Wicca how most do. I know that I am probably going to be a solitary practitioner because no one really views the world the way I do. There might be, but no one I know. Instead of honoring gods and goddesses, I'm going to worship the earth and everything she has to offer. Each time there is a change of season I shall hold a ritual. No I won't sacrifice anything, including animals. I don't believe in that. Instead I will just take time out to relax and try to connect with the energy of earth, using incense, or candles along with herbs and food. The food will be left outside for various animals to feast on. The herbs will be placed on either side of me. I won't go into all the details because it would be a lot to read and type. but for anyone who has misunderstood, I AM NOT I repeat, I AM NOT worshipping the devil. I hope no one actually believes that I do. My interview is due Monday, and I still haven't started it. Oh well, I know I'll get it done in time... I always do!^-^ I hope Monday is a good day.. It should be! Correction, I am not going to Orlando, Florida on the 29th, instead I'm going on May 30th! Sorry for the wrong Info! But I'm still coming back on the 7th!^-^ Gotta go!

Donnerstag, Januar 09, 2003

Yay! I finally received my password! My username is Minyalhaw (my elvish name^-^), I can finally log on and truly see what the site has to offer... so far it seems pretty good! today in Science we did a lab with dishsoap and table salt. The dishsoap represented magma or lava, and the table salt represented silica. It was supposed to show how the more silica there is in a lava or magma, the thicker it becomes... it was kinda boring... but then, so is the class.... Tomorrow I have 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th hour, today I had 2nd, 4th and 6th (block days). Anyway, tomorrow will hopefully be more eventful...oh well. Although lunch time was great, I had a great time, the people I was with were really funny. So that part of the day was good. I fond some websites which offered more info on Wicca and Paganism, when I have the time, I'll post a link for it, but I have to go! Update later!

Mittwoch, Januar 08, 2003

Tomorrow is late arrival, Yay! I get to sleep in! Saturday I am getting my hair redone, it was permed about a week ago to be wavy but it is too loose for the time it's been permed, so like I said earlier, I am going to get it redone, this time tighter so it will actually stay longer. I have learned that Spring Break starts on the 13th of March! Yay! My birthday!^-^ In my German class we did kind of Simon Says, but it was three people who were up in the front of the class, and the others in their seats chose what the three had to do.... Brian, Kyle and I were the first up there; of course I didn't want to be up there, it was kinda embarrassing, but I guess it wasn't that bad. I still haven't received my password. How long does it take? Started a new chapter in Western World History today and a test over it Friday! I don't think that's fair I think it should at least be Monday. Two days isn't much time for a chapter to be learned and then be tested on. Oh well, I hope I don't do too bad since I can't change it!

Dienstag, Januar 07, 2003

I learned that I will be leaving to go to Orlando,Florida on May 29th. I'll be getting back on June 7th! It'll be so much fun! I can't wait! My sister finally cheered up, Yay!!! Hopefully Alyson will feel better tomorrow... I can't stand it when she's upset, she makes me feel like it's my fault even if I know I didn't do anything. In Health and Wellness we have to we have to do a stupid Health Journal, I don't get the point, it's not like anyone cares about it. I hope tomorrow will be better than today. Right now I'm watching Just Shoot Me. It's really funny!^-^ I hope that everyone has a good day today and everyday! Tomorrow I plan to post some more poems!^-^ I may also have more links... who knows! Not me, I'll just play it by ear!
Still no sign of my e-mail containing my password for! Back to school today I have two new classes second hour I have Health and Wellness, and seventh hour I have Technology Literacy. Last semester I had Career Exploration second hour and I was a teachr's aide seventh. For the most part the change is good, but there are some things I wish had stayed the same. Got new seats in Western World History which is first hour. I like the change, I had been waiting for a new seating arrangement even before Christmas Break! Also got new seats in Earth-Space we could choose where we sat, I chose to stay in my same seat because it was in the back and I didn't want to be in the front, I also liked were I was. I could see everything from where I was perfectly and I didn't want to move someplace where I couldn't. I only had Geometry homework which is good. Since I didn't receive my password today I really hope that it will come tomorrow. If not, I don't know what I will do. My sister seems to be in a bad mood and she wont even try to cheer up, I wish she would because she has started to bring me down too! NOoooo!!! Today has actually been good and I guess she doesn't like it when days are good. I don't know, but it sure seems like it. I wish she would try to cheer up. Oh well, I can't force her to. Tomorrow is going to be around the seventies... Yay!!! But now we need some rain.... It has been at least a month since the last rain :( It hasn't even snowed! Well. that's all for now, signing out! ^-^

Sonntag, Januar 05, 2003

Arrrggghhhh! Still haven't received my password. What is taking so long? All I want to do is log on and see what the website really has to offer, besides the fact that I want to be a member already! Sheesh! I don't think e-mailing a password should take a whole day! I hope it comes soon, I'm bored out of my mind at this moment in time. Oh well, I guess I shouldn't get upset, I mean it could be worse, in several different ways, which I won't go into a rant which would take up at least a page if not more. Waste of time that could be spent doing something better. Maybe I'll do some stretching... that usually calms me down... or I could get a massage...Mmmm... good.. yea that's what I could do. No wait, I can't because it's too late at night. NOOOOoooo!!!!!! I guess stretching is what I'll have to do..... I hope no one else is as stressed as I am. Gotta go! Maybe next time I update, I will have received my password!
Today I signed up with I have yet to receive my password though.I hope to find others with my interests, but I think it will be hard to do that. I do not think very many people share my interests.Although I admire all religions that worship the earth or nature, the two that have really stood out to me are Paganism and Wicca. Even though I have not yet read about Paganism I feel Wicca is the one for me. If I find I prefer Paganism over Wicca when I learn more about it I may take that path. I have not declared which I have chosen for I do not know which I shall choose. Hopefully I can choose the right one for me. I hope my password comes soon... I'll probably change it to make it easier to remember! Well if nothing else happens today, hopefully something happens tomorrow (something good, hate for it to be bad). Unfortunately I have to go back to school Tuesday. I guess it s better than tomorrow!