Donnerstag, Januar 16, 2003

Today was a Snow day!Yay! Too bad it was only one day!:( Tomorrow we'll go back to school! Today I connected with nature to send positive energy to a mother in need. I learned about her from a forum in the website I just hope I was of some help and that all my positive energy is received by her! Ok. I think I may not ever find a belief system that truly goes with all my beliefs but Paganism, Wicca, and Druidism are the closest I've come to. Now I have the choose which one! It's so hard though! I think that if I can't decide, then I'll do what I think is right for my rituals and spells.^_^ Today was pretty boring, I even had enough time to write two long poems, and I usually write short ones! I posted the two poems on So far I've had positive feedback which I am grateful for! I'll probably post them with my other poems tomorrow! I have a lot of homework that I didn't get done the night before so I'll post later! I hope everyone has a great day!

Dienstag, Januar 14, 2003

Today two more people complimented me on my hair! So I guess it is a good change. Tomorrow, I have to present two things, a presentation about my birthday, and a presentation about an invention that we think of that would make life easier or better for History of The Western World. i thought about customized medicine for animals, similar to what it starting to be done with humans but for animals. It would improve the speed at which the animal gets better which could really help with endangered species. I hope I get at least a decent grade since I didn't spend much time on it. With both presentations though, I will not enjoy presenting them, I don't like to talk in front of a large group.... I wrote a few things for, so far two of the three have been published on! I hope to submit more in the future however!^-^ Alyson was in a bad mood today, I don't know why... It seems like lately that's all she's been like. On the bus she said that all humans are evil, babies, they haven't even done anything to be called evil. I don't have much else to say... I might update this tomorrow if I have the time!

Montag, Januar 13, 2003

I think Paganism is closer to my beliefs and way of life, although Wicca relates to me, I feel Paganism is better for me. Finished my interview before it was due... I knew it would work out! Today I brought almost all my 76 books from my father's to my mother's(since I am going to live with my mother now instead of going back and forth each week). I just can't seem to get along with my father, especially his wife...UUgghhh! Gosh I hate her! she says she believes everyone should be treated equally but she doesn't treat everyone equally, especially when it comes to religion. Her philosphy is that if you don't believe in God then you're wrong and you're a sinner. I hate that! It's not only with religion though, supposedly, if it's what she says, then it's right, if it's what you say and it isn't the same as what she're wrong. I don't like people lie that. I always try to let everyone say what the think and then figure out which is right(if there is a right answer). Anyway, my sister is Neo-Pagan and I'm hoping that she will help show me the way. In Health and Wellness today, we started watching a video called "Surviving Highschool" I think it is kind of stupid. I already know about the things they have talked about. And I'm always nice to new students and I never make fun of or bully anyone. But I guess there might be some kids who need to learn not to do that. That that makes others feel more than just bad, it could make them feel like wanting to kill themselves or others especially the ones who give them a hard time. But on a lighter note.. people seem to like my hair in this perm, I love it, so far three people have complimented me on it, and that's saying something for me. Well, anyway that's about it!