Donnerstag, Januar 23, 2003

Today is a snow day! Yay! I've promoted from Junior Member to Member in Circle of Souls! I plan to get some materials for performing rituals. Right now, I can't do anything because I only have a candle. And you need other things to properly perform them. I have a few things I'm pretty sure I'm going to get, they're at a craft store. I can't remember the name, but I know where it is! All I need is the money... which will take a while. Seeing as I don't have a job! But I can do chores around the house to get some!^-^. I've posted new test results! Well, I actually posted them yesterday. Colorado won the game last night, by one point!:( I personally think the could have done better. But that's my thoughts on the situation^-^. If I remember correctly, the score was 59-60. I also will post my latest poem today, since I have the time!^-^

Mittwoch, Januar 22, 2003

I wrote another poem! Yay! hehehe... anyway, I'll probably post it tomorrow. Today I went to to discover that I'm ranked as a senior member, which is soo cool! I hope to stay that way(I don't know if you can lose rank). Today in Com. ArtsII my teacher helped each person with their 2nd draft on their interview. I thought that was great, because, he could help us more than our classmates. It would really help with the Final Draft! Next Year I plan on taking Astronomy, Meteorology and APIII(Com. Arts). That's about all I have planned, I'm not sure about other classes though. I'm pretty sure I'll be taking AlgebraII though. Hopefully next year will be better than this year, seeing as this year is better than last(for grade level^-^). I got spacers today, they are really uncomfortable. But I have to have them before I get the actual braces. I don't want to get braces but I also do. I don't because I think they will make me look worse than I already do. I do want them because they will (in the long run) make me teeth better looking, and I will probably have a better smile^-^. At Circle of Souls, I have received many recommendations for books that could help me out. Once I get a few, I'll probably be really busy reading them all^-^. Well, alot happened today, it snowed, although I remember the weather person saying it was going to snow tonight, not today! Oh well! I hope we have a snow day tomorrow but I doubt it:(. If we don't it's not that big of a deal though. At least we had one snow day this school year^-^. I am currently watching KU basketball, they are going up against Colorado. At this moment the score is KU-55 Colorado-51. I hope KU wins! Well, that's about it that I want to talk about! Write later!

Montag, Januar 20, 2003

I finally posted my poems. Today I went to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned. It turns out that my sister has a cavity. I brush my teeth twice a day but now I'm going to floss too. I don't want that to happen to me! I wish it were summer already! On the 29th, I have to get braces, it totally sucks. The only good thing is that I get to miss most of school; but still,I wish I didn't have to get them! Over the weekend I saw Kangaroo Jack, it was pretty funny. I didn't do much besides that. I played a new video game, The Sims for Playstation2 but it's not like that is very exciting. Today I wrote another poem, but I think I'll post it later. I signed up with So now, I am a member with, Circle of, and! Well, that's about it, not that great of a weekend huh? Maybe tomorrow will be more eventful, or the week!