Donnerstag, Januar 30, 2003

What I was going to say before I had to give up the computer was that I have also been promoted to a member. I have 95 posts! that's more than my sis, and some other people who signed up before me! Today I found out that this kid named kyle is going to sweetheart with valerie. I'm just glad I won't be there! I went to homecoming when I was in 9th grade, but it blowed, it was totally boring. They didn't even have good music! Yesterday I learned that Brandon has braces too, he has had them for about a year now (I'm told), so I feel somewhat better!^-^ I seem to be making more friends in my online communities than in person! Bastet, sadly has died, she was a very important member of Circle Of Souls! She always projected positive energy. Thoug she may not be with us all in body, and has gone to somerland, her spirit and energy projected has stayed, along with the positive effects she gave to everyone....*bows head in silence* I hope her husband doesn't have too bad of a time, although it must be hard for him.... Everyone has been very supportive to him though. I couldn't expect less though. Everyone is great, very nice and supportive. Ok, well, that's the rest to my post from yesterday!

Mittwoch, Januar 29, 2003

Today I got my braces on... I hate them, and they hurt, I don't know how people eat properly with these. I would gladly keep the spacers, I thought they were kind of bad, but they weren't this bad! I learned that my next appointment is on my birthday! Nooooo! It sucks. But I have to wear these for two years, thenevery year after that for the rest of my life, I have to wear a retainer at night. Today I just wanted to go home after I had my braces on, but my mother wanted me to go back... I started crying a few minutes after they were one and I had seen what I looked like. But I guess I should be thankful I don't have any headgear! Tomorrow is late arrival, Yay! I am also a moderator at! I'm a moderator for the Teen Pagan forum. I think it's great.I hope to find some more books that could help me find my path, even though I know what I want to do, I want to see if anything can help me improve some things^-^ I'm going to have to make up two tests. In the same class! I can't wait until I get the braces off, even though it won't be until my senior year! :(;(. Right now Tiger is sitting on my lap, she seems to be following me, she laid on my stomach in my bedroom, and she came into the bathroom whenI didn't want her there, and now she is here. I don't know what she wants, but I wish she would give me some privacy. I found out that my older sister is supposed to wear her retainer but she doesn't even know where it is! Well,I have to give the computer to my sis. Update later!