Mittwoch, Februar 05, 2003

Busy week! Today I had a test over Bean Trees in Communication Arts II. I hope I did okay on it. Yesterday I had to present in History of the Western World. I also had to present in Technology Literacy monday. There was a lot of other stuf, but those are the things I really don't like. I just can't wait until the week is over! My older sister came over, so that was good. My braces don't hurt as much, so that's good. I joined a yahoo group. It's for beginners on aromatherapy, I have always been interested in that. I hope to get some boks to read, I feel like somethings missing, but I don't know what, I wish I knew. Maybe later I'll find out what it is. I also took a test for which Tarot Card I was. I'll post the result when I have more time. I saw Darkness Falls, it was scary, well, I thought so. My twin sis. talked about killing herself Monday. I tried everything I could think of to convince her not to. when I started crying and asking what I could do to ake her happy. She became angry, I cried more and she left. I hope she gets better.