Montag, März 03, 2003

I still have the highest score in English, yay! I talked to my older sister, Kim, today. I can't wait 'till she comes over. I miss her. It only took about a minute for my appointment with the orhtodontist. But I'll have to go back on the 22nd, I think it's the 22nd anyway. I was hoping I wouldn't have to go to first hour, but I ended up going anyway. But at least I didn't have to present. Chet wasn't here today, thank the Lady and the Lord! But Jennifer was, I wish she wasn't in my fifth hour. Actually, I would rather Chet be here than her, which says I don't care for her at all. She acts like she's really smart, but in reality she's dumb. Only three days next week. My mother says she's going to give us (Alyson and I) one or some (I can't remember), of our presents early. I think that's pretty cool. she said that one she has had for two months and I think she's more anxious for our birthday to come than we are. I have started another blog, yes, another blog, it's about Nicholas Copernicus, and although it's not complete, in fact, far from, I might add a link to it soon. I may branch out and start some other which will have related info to Copernicus. But I'm not sure, I'm still thinking about it. I haven't begun the site for KC's pictures. I can't find one. I may use Tripod and just link to that page, but I was hoping to find a site that is reliable to upload pictures and use a blog. I'll probably end up using tripod though. They're actually a good web host. But I don't know, I'm still thinking about it. Right now I'm in 7th hour which is Technology Literacy. I actually have free time!!!! ^-^ I got 19 out of 20 on our test (Tech. Lit.), something I forgot to mention last time (can't believe it, but I did^-^). Well, when something good happens, or if I feel like ranting, I'll update.

Sonntag, März 02, 2003

Hey all. I found out that I have the highest score in my English class(Com. Arts II) I have a 104.3%! I think that's pretty cool. But I'l have to try hard to keep my grade up! We started a new thing in History and my Compare/Contrast paper won't be graded 'till Spring Break! That really stinks because I had to turn it in on the 24th of February and it won't be graded 'tll th 13th or even later of March. Oh well. Anyway the new thing is we have to find three important facts on someone or something from a list. each person has something different. I have Nicholas Czar of Russia. And actually most people have already presented their person or thing. There are only a few that still need to go, including me. I'm really nervous because I don't like to present in front of people. We turned in Bean Trees and have started The Catcher in the Rye. So far it seems like a good book, but the narrator, or main character(whatever you want to call them, Holden), keeps saying things like "I really did", or "It really was", it's very annoying. I hope the book gets better. In Health and Wellness, we took our unit test over nutrition. I don't know how I did, but I don't think I did too bad. We also got new seats in German I. Startes the KMA (Kansas Math Assesment) Friday. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, well, at least the first two parts. Who knows, the 3rd and 4th may be harder. I hope not though. We were supposed to take our unit test in Earth-Space Monday of last week (24th), but we ended up taking it on Tuesday. I got an 84%, which I think is pretty good, considering that I didn't even study for more than 5 minutes. ^-^ This weekend I'm with my dad and step-mom, arrghhh. Oh well, Only a few more hours. We also started a nw unit in earth-Space on Thursday. I didn't really care for the lab we had to do, the way the graph paper was, gave me a headache. And I don't get headaches too often. At the Olathe library, I checked out two books, one on palm reading and one on tarot cards. I don't think I'll actually use either one but I thought it would be good to understand each of them a bit better. Oh, it seems like Chet won't leave me alone, once in the hallway, when I was standing outside our 5th hour room(we both have the same 5th hour) talking to my sister, he threw bits of pretzels from his bagat me. Man I hated that. He has also ran into my desk while I was sitting in in, repeatedly. And he knew I didn't like it. And when I closed my eyes to rest them, when I opened them again, he said no sleping in class. As if I would, and I'm sure he actually does. I just wish he would leave me alone and bother people who do like him, such as this girl named Jennifer, whom I hate, but I'm nice to her because I don't want to seem mean. I know she likes him becasue she writes on the whiteboard that he likes so and so, and she also writes in his notebok when he isn't in the room. Well, I guess I shouldn't think about it too much, but I really wish he would respect my wishes and not annoy me. I'm so glad Spring Break starts on my Birthday!Yay! Last year was the only year that I can remember that I had to go to school on my birthday, and that was to take tests. I'm really glad this year isn't the same.Monday, I have an appointment to get my archwire put back on my bracket on which it came off, because my ligature came off while I was brushing my teeth. Over the week, I got to look at cars with my mom and step-dad. I'm glad it was them and not my other set of parents. *Sigh* I haven't heard from Brandon, but I hope I will hear from him soon. I know he can't call me because his dad resigned from his work becase he didn't like his boss ( I don't understand because don't most people not like their boss?) Anyway he can't call, because only their cell phone gets long distance. And I don't know his email address, he knoew mine but with my Junk Mail filter at Hotmail, it may not actually let me see it because it could go to the Junk Mail folder, and after a certain number of days, those messages get deleted, and since I don't check my email, or at least Junk Mail, that often, I probably don't even know he emailed me. Anyway, I just hope I can get in touch with him soon. I miss him. He's the only person outside family who I feel really understands me, and make me feel like I can be silly without being strange, ya know? My sister thinks no one likes her, which I don't understand because she's had at least three boyfriends. If anyone doesn't like anyone it would be no one likes me, because I've had zippo boyfriends and I have only a few friends, and their not that close to me, ( at least I don't consider them to be close friends). I took some more tests. If and when I feel like posting them I will. I don't feel like it right now so I'm gonna end here. Maybe I'll post sooner than later next time, instead of waiting till the 14th of this month of something like that. But I was real busy last week and weekend. Hopefully not the case this week!