Sonntag, März 09, 2003

I was sick Tuesday and Wednesday....:( I threw up the night of the day I was sick (the first day). the next day was better, but I didn't feel good enough yet to go to school. The good thing is that I made up most of the things I missed. I only need to make up History, and German I, and Earth-Space. Everything else I made up^-^ Friday my mother and step-father gave Alyson and I an early Birthday present. It was a portable DVD Player! But, I think that they gave them to us early because we were went to my step-father's mother's for her Birthday which was on Saturday. It was sooo boring! Frau Hargadine doesn't think I'm ready to take the 5.1 test. I think that's a bunch of bull, I have a B in the class, which is pretty good for another language. And I always get good grades on tests, or at least 98% of them! I could take the whole chapter test right now, and we haven't started the last part of chapter 5! That just pisses me off. I think she should give me more credit than that. Anyway, on a lighter note, only three more days 'till Spring Break! Yay!!! Although I wish it were only three more days 'till Summer Break, that would be sooo much better. I'm sick of going to school. And I used to think Frau was a good teacher, and I kinda liked her, but my opinion is rapidly going into the negative. Micheal says German is the only class he looks forward to in school. Which I don't understand, because I don't think it's all that great. I don't have any friends in there, and the only other Sophomores in there and guys who I really could care less for. And the Freshman girls are soooo annoying! They're always screaming or talking all at once really loudly. I'm not saying there aren't any good people in the class, but most are annoying. Nick Brady for one. I am soo glad I'm not sitting around in the vicinity he is. Micheal isn't bad. I feel that if I wanted, I could actually have an intelligent conversation with him and enjoy talking to him. Which is hard for me. Usually people who I can have an intelligent conversation with, I don't like. And Micheal seems willing to talk to me, which is good. There are other people who seem somewhat intelligent, but they're either uptight (or seem to be), or are stuck up, or have NO common sense. Tomorrow there will only be two days!^-^ I miss talking to Brandon, I wish he could come from Topeka with Kim on my Birthday, but of course it's only Kim. but at least she's coming. I want to post results form tests, but all the HTML is at my Dad's in a word document on my computer so I'll have to wait. Gotta go! Don't want to hear my mother tell me to go to sleep and take out my contacts.

Montag, März 03, 2003

I still have the highest score in English, yay! I talked to my older sister, Kim, today. I can't wait 'till she comes over. I miss her. It only took about a minute for my appointment with the orhtodontist. But I'll have to go back on the 22nd, I think it's the 22nd anyway. I was hoping I wouldn't have to go to first hour, but I ended up going anyway. But at least I didn't have to present. Chet wasn't here today, thank the Lady and the Lord! But Jennifer was, I wish she wasn't in my fifth hour. Actually, I would rather Chet be here than her, which says I don't care for her at all. She acts like she's really smart, but in reality she's dumb. Only three days next week. My mother says she's going to give us (Alyson and I) one or some (I can't remember), of our presents early. I think that's pretty cool. she said that one she has had for two months and I think she's more anxious for our birthday to come than we are. I have started another blog, yes, another blog, it's about Nicholas Copernicus, and although it's not complete, in fact, far from, I might add a link to it soon. I may branch out and start some other which will have related info to Copernicus. But I'm not sure, I'm still thinking about it. I haven't begun the site for KC's pictures. I can't find one. I may use Tripod and just link to that page, but I was hoping to find a site that is reliable to upload pictures and use a blog. I'll probably end up using tripod though. They're actually a good web host. But I don't know, I'm still thinking about it. Right now I'm in 7th hour which is Technology Literacy. I actually have free time!!!! ^-^ I got 19 out of 20 on our test (Tech. Lit.), something I forgot to mention last time (can't believe it, but I did^-^). Well, when something good happens, or if I feel like ranting, I'll update.