Donnerstag, März 27, 2003

This week has been okay I guess. We had to do a fashion show type thing in German and it was taped! I hated it. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday was the Science Assessment, and today we started a project on different planets. You could either do it by yuorself or with a partner. I chose to do it myself. to know which planet we were going to do, we drew out of a cup that had paper with planet names folded up. I got Pluto, but I didn't want it, so I secretly switched with Mackenzie Armestad because she had Jupiter but wanted Pluto. In Com. Arts II, we got into groups (yesterday and the day before), and did a packet on which traits Holden from the Catcher in The Rye had. I didn't care for my group because I had Chet, Daniel, and Todd. Daniel and Todd were okay because they actually contributed to the group, but all Chet did was copy down what we had and wrote on the dry erase board. I'm not sure If we're suppopsed to have notecards for Friday since we hadn't gone over the vocabulary yet, but I'm still going to do them just in case. Tomorrow we have a test in History of the Western World. I hope I don't do too bad on it because I currently have a C in that class because I have sort of slacked off from doing my homework. I have started my own guild on neopets, but it is a private one, and I am only allowing 13 members to be in it because I think 13 is a lucky and spiritual number. And because if there are too many members, I don't feel like we're as close. And I want to actually feel like I know the members. I learned that my poem THE NEWBORN FOAL is scheduled to be recorded on a CD, but when I received the letter, it was too late to tell them they could record it. Oh well, at least I know that it was good enough to be recorded. I worked out some of my problems with Alyson and I think we understand each other more, well hopefully^-^. I finally purchased Dynasty Warriors 3! Now I don't have to rent it and worry about it being late. Well, not much else..Later!