Freitag, April 11, 2003

Hey all again. In Tech. Lit. right now. We had to do an assesment using a spreadsheet. I thought it was fairly easy. In Com. Arts II, we worked in our Hero packets, and took unit 9 vocabulary test. We also did an appositive overhead. It was kind boring. I had a really healthy meal for lunch, Funyuns!. LOL, of course, I just can't help it, I love funyuns. I think they're really good. I know I should be eating healthier, but I don't seem to have enough motivation. My father just learned, I think yesterday, that my mother is wanting full custody of ALyson and I. and so do we, we don't want to live with our father anymore. He isn't that good at being a parent. To make things worse, we have to be over there this weekend! No! He's gonna ask us why we don't want to stay with him anymore, and we won't be able to tell him the truth, because it would be mean, so we would make things up, and he would keep asking why... I'm gonna hate this weekend more than others I've had with me father because of what's happening. I was thinking that I could tell him that Brandon was over visiting Kim and Dan and since I knew where they lived (don't know where Brandon lives), I could say, "I haven't seen him in two years (which is true)." And hopefully I could stay away from him for at least sometime over the weekend. In German we are learning to tell time (the way Germans do). In History of the Western World, we are watching the movie Gandhi. Yesterday, I learned that, I think his name is Mike, a freshman, likes Britney, I thought it was cute that he liked her. But Britney thought it was horrible, she did not like it at all. I can't believe Carmen hasn't been voted off yet. I think she should have gone long ago. I hope Clay wins and Carmen won't make it next week. But I am not the one who decides who stays or goes. It's everyone voting. I just hope they'll come to their senses and realize that Carmen is bad and will vote for someone else, instead of her. Well, not much except I saw the sequel to The Cube last night. It was more freaky than the original. Gotta go!