Samstag, April 19, 2003

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Right now Mom and Art are at the New Dinner Theatre Restaurant. It's quieter. I am really bored. A few minutes ago, I sketched a few faces but no actual face parts. I'm not good at that. I stopped because I thought it was boring to try to draw something I couldn't. As you can see (if you visited the results page) I found some new quizzes. I hope tomorrow will be better. I got some new Sandals, they are kinda like sneakers. They are pretty cool, I think. I am not used to having no heel, but I will probably get used to it after awhile. They are pretty comfortable. They came in blue with white stripes, black with white stripes and red with white stripes. I chose the balck ones. I like the color blue, but the blue was light blue, and I don't think it looked good in blue anyway. Right now I'm watching Never Been Kissed, before that it was the Wedding Singer. If there was something better on, I would switch it, but there isn't. Tomorrow I am going to drive to my older sister's. I think my mother wants me to get my drivers license more than I do. She found out that my permit expires and now she wants me to start driving! Arggh! Anyway, I hope I'll have a good time there. I also wish Brandon were there. I could talk to him, but he wont be there.... oh well, it's not like I can change any of that. Well, I have other stuff to say but really boring stuff. I know, this is boring, but the other stuff is more boring.

Freitag, April 18, 2003

Finally! The weekend! It seemed to take forever. This week, in fact, yesterday, I found out that Jennifer likes Dmitri, and that he has a girlfriend. I never would have thought he had a girlfriend. But today I found out that Dmitri doesn't even like Jennifer as a friend. So, there is a very slim chance that Dmitri will go out with Jennifer, which Jennifer wants. I also learned that Seth Green has been in over a 100 movies/t.v. shows! Oh, and that supposedly there is this girl who is obsessed with Will Lentz which I don't see how that's possible, but I guess it's possible. Who knows. This whole week has made me question myself even more than I usually do. Wondering why it seems no guy likes me. And if they do, the don't show it and don't ask me out. It's not like I'm hard to approach. I'll talk to anyone who wants to. Open to new ideas, and glad to help others whenever and if they ask or I sense something wrong. Anyway, I guess I shouldn't dwell on it too much. I just don't understand. Got my own keys to the car! Yay! Started research on Liam Neeson in Com. Arts II Wednesday. I have 10 online sources, and I only need two print sources. And there are exactly two print sources. I just need to find them. Hopefully at the local library, because they don't have them in the school library. I hope to exercise more often this summer and following days. I got some books too. One, was the Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, which I already had, but it was one of the original ones so I got it. I also got an encyclopedia pver several different Gods/Goddesses. I also got two books by Terry Goodking, they were Stone of Tears and Soul of The Fire, both part of and ongoing series called Sword of Truth. Well, I have other stuff to say but not as important... Update later.

Montag, April 14, 2003

Yesterday I found out that my Mother and Step-Father got Alyson and I a car. A Ford Escort ZX2 Coupe. It's pretty good. I don't like the front though. It's long and harder to park than the normal Escort. But since I've driven the Taurus, it's not as hard as it could be. I updated the Test Results page. And I finally have a link to a website which shows Ptolemy's model of the Solar System. I am in school right now so I can't type much...Gotta Go!